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Bug reports & feature requests

The best way (and the "approved" way) to do this is to use the Help > Report a Bug... or the Help > File a Feature Request... features in the application itself. That way a formatted version of your report/request is added directly to the bug/feature database.

If that doesn't work for you, feel free to send an e-mail message to support@astroplanner.net, or use the form below.


Send any support messages to: support@astroplanner.net

Postal mail

Send an email to support@astroplanner.net and we'll give you our current postal address.


Sorry, there is no telephone support available at this time.

User Group

The AstroPlanner groups.io group is a good place to ask casual questions, look for answers, or just hang out with other AstroPlanner users. More information here.

Change of Address

If you are a registered user and your e-mail or postal address has changed, please send an e-mail message to support@astroplanner.net and let us know what the changes are.